Todd Rhoades, BFA from Point Park University, has been teaching yoga, pilates and physical fitness since 1999 and has been a professional dancer since 1998.  He has been able to combine his knowledge and experience of dance, yoga, pilates, therapeutic exercises and functional fitness into a fun, challenging workout for individuals and individual needs.

Todd began his Yoga and Pilates training in Austin, TX: Pilates under the tutelage of Ann Arnoult at Body Conditioning by Ann Arnoult and finished his training with Darragh Heidkamp at True Form Pilates; Yoga training and certification with Nicki Hurd through Chudo Yoga.  He continued his studies with Beryl Bender Birch (The Hard and The Soft Yoga Institute/Omega Institute), Tim Miller (Dallas Yoga),  Texas Yoga Retreat, Suddha Wexler (Chicago Yoga Center), PhysicalMind Institute, Anat Baniel Method of Feldenkrais, PTA Global, private training with Haley Otterbach, PT, Patrick O’Brien and Mary Romeu.  Todd has continued his education by attending workshops and trainings in Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Tai Yoga, Tai massage.  He completed his training and certifications in Cardiolates (c), TRX (c), Core Values (c) – all of which continue his philosophy of body control, biomechanics, alignment, strength and flexibility.

In 2005, Todd was hit by a car as a pedestrian.  He was told he would never again be able to dance after the accident.  He then spent the next 4 months in physical therapy, half his own program and half of the physical therapist.  After six months, he was dancing as a Principle Dancer in Lyric Opera of Chicago’s productions.  His personal experience and story is reminder to his clients that the mind, the focus is what drives us.  Our physical body can heal and change if our will is strong.

Todd has worked alongside physical therapists and chiropractors in rehabilitation facilities and clinics to assist in rehabilitation from injury, surgery and chronic illnesses.  He has also worked in the opposite spectrum helping to improve professional athleteʼs muscle function and dexterity.

Todd was also the supervisor for Galter LifeCenter’s (Health and Wellness Center for Swedish Covenant Hospital) Yoga and Tai-Chi Program for 2 1/2 years.  As supervisor, Todd organized yoga and tai chi programs, workshops for Galter LifeCenter as well as Swedish Covenant Hospital, managed 24 part-time instructors, created and followed a budget for the program department, wrote and sent out yoga e-newsletters including articles and updates on workshops, classes and instructors and created an annual Yoga Retreat at the Center.

Todd maintains his passion of movement, health and fitness by continuing his education and receiving additional instructional certifications.  Because of his well-rounded education, he is able to create a specific program for his clients and classes.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Heh Todd,
    Just been enjoying and benefitting from your Equinox classes since you started the (ugh!) 8:00 am at Gold Coast this winter. First time I actually visited your site and read your bio. OMG — hit by a car. Truly amazing, inspirational and impressive. So glad you found your way to Equinox.

    • Thanks so much Carol!!! It’s always wonderful having you in class….whichever one you end up in! 🙂 Your energy is so bright and I always look forward to seeing you!! Great chatting with you this last week. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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